# Third Party Tool Development

This page contains information that may be useful for developers of third party tools, such as wallets and block explorers

# Contents

# HD Wallet Path

The BIP-0044 Path for our HD Wallets is as follows:


SLIP-0044 Coin ID is 5555

# REST Endpoints

The REST endpoints for API interaction (for example block explorers, wallets etc.), served by light-clients via port 1337 can be found in swagger.yaml

Live examples can be found at https://rest.unification.io/swagger-ui/.

# Tendermint RPC Endpoints

The Tendermint RPC endpoints, served by full-nodes via port 26657 can be found at http://rpc1.unification.io:26657.

The RPC specification is the same as Tendermint.

Last Updated: 5/29/2020, 9:06:51 AM