# What is Mainchain?

Mainchain is the backbone of the Unification Network. It is a Tendermint based chain, and is where WRKChains and BEACONs submit their hashes, and FUND transactions take place.

Mainchain is a public proof-of-stake chain. The core coin used for staking, rewards, and network fees is FUND. The on-chain denomination is nund (Nano Unification Denomination) which is 10^-9 FUND.

# Networks

There are currently two live public Mainchain networks, and one private development network:

# MainNet

Launched on 14/05/2020, FUND-Mainchain-MainNet is the live public Unification Main Network.

# Testnet

Launched in Q4 2019, FUND-Mainchain-TestNet serves as the official Unification public Test network, where developers can test WRKChains/BEACONs or third party application ssuch as wallets and block explorers before deploying on MainNet. It also serves as a test platform for Mainchain developers to test updates and new features to the Mainchain code in a live environment.

# DevNet

Additionally, the Mainchain repository comes with a full private DevNet - a completely self-contained network for development and testing Mainchain features.

# Software

The Mainchain suite comes with two binaries: und and undcli

  • und - "Unification Daemon": the Mainchain server-side daemon, used to run a full node for Mainchain. Validators run this service to produce blocks. See full command reference
  • undcli - "Unification Daemon Client": the command line interface for interacting with Mainchain nodes. It can also be used to run a light-client RPC node service. See full command reference

Mainchain has been built with the following core Cosmos SDK modules:

  • x/auth: Accounts and signatures.
  • x/bank: Token transfers.
  • x/staking: Staking logic.
  • x/distribution: Fee distribution logic.
  • x/slashing: Slashing logic.
  • x/gov: on-chain governance logic.
  • x/supply: FUND Coin supply logic
  • x/params: Handles module-level parameters, which can be modified via governance.
  • x/crisis: Handles potential network errors during the early days of deployment

Unification have also developed the following modules for Mainchain:

  • x/beacon: BEACON hash timestamp submission logic
  • x/enterprise: Handles purchasing, locking and unlocking of Enterprise FUND
  • x/mint: A modified core Cosmos SDK module, handling inflation and Block Reward logic.
  • x/wrkchain: WRKChain block hash submission handling

# Next

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