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# 1. What is Unification Mainchain?

Unification is a scalable master blockchain for Enterprise.

  1. WRKChains can be considered similar to side-chains which allow scaling processing power and cost metrics for enterprises who need an immutable blockchain without being directly on a public blockchain
  2. Mainchain is the master 100% public blockchain which WRKChains consume FUND to submit their block header hashes to Mainchain for public immutability.

See About Mainchain for further details.

# 1.1. What is the official project website?


# 1.2. What are the Github repo addresses?

# 2. Where can I find the main API documents?

# 3. Where is the block explorer?

# 4. Where can I get the pre-compiled binaries?

Latest compiled binaries available from https://github.com/unification-com/mainchain/releases

  • und (server/full node) software has been compiled for Linux x86_64. Tested on CentOS 7, and Ubuntu 16.04
  • undcli (client) has been compiled for Linux x86_64, Windows and OSX. Tested on CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04, Windows 10.

# 5. How do I compile the code from source?

Build instructions are available here

This will build and install both und and undcli binaries into $GOPATH/bin

# 6. What is the currency used on Mainchain?

The currency used on Mainchain is FUND. However, the native on-chain coin denomination (on MainNet, TestNet and DevNet) is nund, or "Nano Unification Denomination", such that 1,000,000,000 nund == 1 FUND.

All transactions, fees and stakes are defined and paid for in nund. For example, if you need to send 1 FUND to your friend, you will need to set your Tx to send 1000000000nund.

See "Native Coin Denomination nund" for more details.

# 7. Quick start commands


PROTOCOL in the --node flags below may be tcp, http or https, depending on the configuration of the full node being queried/used for broadcast.

# 7.1. How to get the block height?

Several methods available:

undcli status --chain-id=CHAIN_ID --node=PROTOCOL://NODE:PORT

TestNet Example:

undcli status --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-TestNet-v8 --node=https://rpc-testnet.unification.io:443

MainNet Example:

undcli status --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-MainNet-v1 --node=https://rpc1.unification.io:443

A JSON or text object is returned, and latest height available from sync_info.latest_block_height

RPC equivalent on TestNet: http://rpc-testnet.unification.io:443/abci_info and MainNet: http://rpc1.unification.io:443/abci_info

undcli query block can also be used:

undcli query block --chain-id=CHAIN_ID --node=PROTOCOL://NODE:PORT

Will return the latest block info if no height is passed to the query.

TestNet example, using the public RPC node:

undcli query block --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-TestNet-v8 --node=https://rpc-testnet.unification.io:443 --trust-node=true

MainNet example, using the public RPC node:

undcli query block --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-MainNet-v1 --node=https://rpc1.unification.io:443 --trust-node=true

# 7.2. How do I create new wallet address?

undcli keys add ACC_NAME

ACC_NAME is whatever ASCII identifier you want to give the account/wallet/address, and is used to reference the account when creating/signing Txs.

The command will output pertinent information - name (as passed in the command), wallet address, public key and recovery mnemonic in either JSON or text format.


undcli keys add some_new_account

Run undcli keys add --help or see the undcli keys add reference for details on flags/command options etc.

# 7.3. How to transfer FUND?

undcli tx send [from_key_or_address] [to_address] [amount] --chain-id=CHAIN_ID --node=PROTOCOL://NODE_IP:PORT

Amount is nund - "Nano Unification Denomination", such that 1,000,000,000 nund == 1 FUND. See denomination.

Example to send 10 FUND from my_account account (see Q7.2 about account names) on TestNet, using the public RPC node:

undcli tx send my_account und1nkhnc5e8pvph4phv93k0lkscc7yf5eh9kas5f6 10000000000nund --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-TestNet-v8 --node=https://rpc-testnet.unification.io:443 --gas=auto --gas-adjustment=1.5 --gas-prices=0.25nund --trust-node=true

The same example, using MainNet:

undcli tx send my_account und1nkhnc5e8pvph4phv93k0lkscc7yf5eh9kas5f6 10000000000nund --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-MainNet-v1 --node=https://rpc1.unification.io:443 --gas=auto --gas-adjustment=1.5 --gas-prices=0.25nund --trust-node=true

See undcli tx send and fees and gas for more in-depth information.

undcli query txs can be used to query all transactions. Passing the --events flag will allow you to filter indexed events by a particular account. Data is returned paginated.

TestNet example to get Txs sent by und17jv7rerc2e3undqumpf32a3xs9jc0kjk4z2car, using the public RPC node:

undcli query txs --events 'message.sender=und17jv7rerc2e3undqumpf32a3xs9jc0kjk4z2car' --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-TestNet-v8 --node=https://rpc-testnet.unification.io:443 --page 1 --limit 30

The same query, using MainNet:

undcli query txs --events 'message.sender=und17jv7rerc2e3undqumpf32a3xs9jc0kjk4z2car' --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-MainNet-v1 --node=https://rpc1.unification.io:443 --page 1 --limit 30

The --events flag can contain any {eventType}.{eventAttribute}={value} type query. For example --events 'transfer.recipient=und17jv7rerc2e3undqumpf32a3xs9jc0kjk4z2car' will return queries relating to transfers into the account. See undcli query txs for further information.

# 7.5. How do I get the FUND balance for one wallet/account?

undcli query account [address] [flags] --chain-id=CHAIN_ID --node=PROTOCOL://NODE_IP:PORT

Example on TestNet, using the public RPC node:

undcli query account und1eyn7s6qz2gcnfld0uskwxedyunpgjhlcjhvul9 --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-TestNet-v8 --node=https://rpc-testnet.unification.io:443

Using MainNet:

undcli query account und1eyn7s6qz2gcnfld0uskwxedyunpgjhlcjhvul9 --chain-id=FUND-Mainchain-MainNet-v1 --node=https://rpc1.unification.io:443

Will return a JSON or text object (depending on options passed). account.value.coins in the returned result shows the amount of nund. The above example (currently) shows the account has 10000000000 nund (10 FUND) on TestNet.

# 7.6 How do I query the total FUND supply, and what is the significance of amount/locked/total?

The command

undcli query supply --chain-id=CHAIN_ID --node=PROTOCOL://NODE_IP:PORT

Will return the complete supply information. Three quantity values are returned:

  1. amount: Liquid FUND in active circulation, and the actual circulating total supply which is available and can be used for FUND transfers, staking, Tx fees etc. It is the locked amount subtracted from total. This is the important value when processing any calculations dependent on FUND circulation/total supply of FUND etc.
  2. locked: Total FUND locked through Enterprise purchases. This FUND is only available specifically to pay WRKChain/BEACON fees and cannot be used for transfers, staking/delegation or any other transactions. Locked FUND only enters the active circulation supply once it has been used to pay for WRKChain/BEACON fees. Until then, it is considered "dormant", and not part of the circulating total supply
  3. total: The total amount of FUND currently known on the chain, including any Enterprise locked FUND. This is for informational purposes only and should not be used for any "circulating/total supply" calculations.

The amount value is the important value regarding total supply currently in active circulation, and is the information that should be used to represent any "total supply/circulation" values for example in block explorers, wallets, exchanges etc.

Consider the following undcli query supply result:

  "denom": "nund",
  "amount": "120010263000000000",
  "locked": "89737000000000",
  "total": "120100000000000000"

In the above example, the active circulating supply - usable for transfers and standard transactions etc. - is currently 120,010,263 FUND. 89,737 FUND is currently locked, and can only be used for paying for WRKChain/BEACON fees - it is "dormant" and cannot be used for any other purpose until it has been used to pay for WRKChain/BEACON fees. Finally, the total amount of FUND known on the chain is 120,100,000 FUND, and is the equivalent of 120,010,263 + 89,737.

See undcli query supply for more details on command flags and parameters, and total supply for more information on the query results and FUND conversion.

# 7.7. How do I export(dump/backup)a wallet?

undcli keys export some_new_account

will export an account private key in ASCII-armored encrypted format.

# 7.8. How do I import a wallet?

There are a couple of methods, depending on the import format. If the bip39 mnemonic is available, then:

undcli keys add some_new_account --recover

Will prompt you for the bip39 mnemonic. See undcli keys add

If the private key has been exported (e.g. via undcli keys export), then the undcli keys import command can be used:

undcli keys import ACC_NAME KEYFILE

See undcli keys import

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