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# Unification Mainchain Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for Unification's Mainchain. These docs cover how to build and install the two main applications und and undcli, how to run a node on MainNet, TestNet and DevNet, and how to interact with the Mainchain network.

# 1. About Mainchain

# 2. Install & Use the Software

# Light Client & REST

# Full Command References

# Full Config File References

# 3. Mainchain Networks

# Private DevNet

# 4. Guides & Examples

# Tx & Query Examples

# In-depth guides

# 5. Developer guides

# Disclaimer

Please note that this software is still in development. In these early days, we can expect to have issues, updates, and bugs. The existing und and undcli CLI tools require advanced technical skills and may involve risks which are outside of the control of the Unification Foundation and/or the Unification dev team. Any use of this open source Apache 2.0 licensed software is done at your own risk and on a "AS IS" basis, without warranties or conditions of any kind, and any and all liability of the Unification Foundation and/or the Unification dev team for damages arising in connection to the software is excluded. Please exercise extreme caution!

Last Updated: 5/22/2020, 11:55:07 AM