# OoO Introduction

This documentation covers the both the xFUND Router and Finchains' OoO (Oracle of Oracles) functionality.

There are documentation and guides covering how to integrate the Consumer smart contract library (required for interacting with the xFUND Router network) into your own smart contract and how to interact with the network in order to request and receive data in your smart contract from the Finchains OoO API.

# Contract & Provider addresses

  1. Contract Addresses.
  2. Provider Addresses.

# Guides

  1. Quickstart - a quick introduction to getting set up
  2. Implementation Guide - a complete guide to integration and interaction
  3. Finchains OoO Data API Guide - a guide to requesting data from the Finchains OoO API.

# Contract Docs

API documentation covering the functions and events within each of the three main smart contracts used by the xFUND Router network.

  1. Router.sol - the contract which controls data request and fulfilment routing between Consumers and Providers. This contract also handles fee payment and gas refunds. Deployed and maintained by the Unification Foundation
  2. ConsumerBase.sol - the Consumer smart contract developers will need to import into their own smart contract in order to interact with the system. Contains the proxy functions required to utilise the ConsumerLib.sol library smart contract, which must be linked to the this contract during deployment