# VORRequestIDBase

# Functions:

# Function makeVORInputSeed(bytes32 _keyHash, uint256 _userSeed, address _requester, uint256 _nonce) internal -> uint256

To prevent repetition of VOR output due to repetition of the user-supplied seed, that seed is combined in a hash with the user-specific nonce, and the address of the consuming contract. The risk of repetition is mostly mitigated by inclusion of a blockhash in the final seed, but the nonce does protect against repetition in requests which are included in a single block.

# Parameters:

  • _userSeed: VOR seed input provided by user

  • _requester: Address of the requesting contract

  • _nonce: User-specific nonce at the time of the request

# Function makeRequestId(bytes32 _keyHash, uint256 _vORInputSeed) internal -> bytes32

Note that _vORInputSeed is not the seed passed by the consuming contract, but the one generated by makeVORInputSeed

# Parameters:

  • _keyHash: The serviceAgreement ID to be used for this request

  • _vORInputSeed: The seed to be passed directly to the VOR

# Return Values:

  • The id for this request