# Native Coin Denomination nund

The currency used on Mainchain is FUND. However, the native on-chain coin denomination (on MainNet, TestNet and DevNet) is nund, or "Nano Unification Denomination", such that 1,000,000,000 nund == 1 FUND.

All transactions, fees and stakes are defined and paid for in nund. For example, if you need to send 1 FUND to your friend, you will need to set your Tx to send 1000000000nund.

The und CMD has a simple conversion utility to help convert any fees and FUND transactions into nund, and vice-versa:

und convert 1000000000 nund fund

will result in:

1000000000nund = 1.000000000fund


und convert 10 fund nund

will result in:

10fund = 10000000000nund

# HD Wallet Path

The BIP-0044 Path for our HD Wallets is as follows:


SLIP-0044 Coin ID is 5555