# Total Supply

The command

und query supply

Will return:

- amount: "120486680721900000"
  denom: nund

The equivalent REST query is at the enpoint /mainchain/enterprise/v1/supply - for example:


the /mainchain/enterprise/v1/supply endpoint MUST be used instead of /cosmos/bank/v1beta1/supply to get true total supply available for general use, i.e. with locked eFUND removed from total

The command

und query enterprise ent-supply --chain-id=CHAIN_ID --node=PROTOCOL://NODE_IP:PORT

Will return the complete supply information.

The equivalent REST query is at the enpoint /mainchain/enterprise/v1/ent_supply - for example:

Three quantity values are returned, all representing nund:

  1. amount: Liquid FUND in active circulation, and the actual circulating total supply which is available and can be used for FUND transfers, staking, Tx fees etc. It is the locked amount subtracted from total. This is the important value when processing any calculations dependent on FUND circulation/total supply of FUND etc.
  2. locked: Total FUND locked through Enterprise purchases. This FUND is only available specifically to pay WRKChain / BEACON fees and cannot be used for transfers, staking/delegation or any other transactions. Locked FUND only enters the active circulation supply once it has been used to pay for WRKChain / BEACON fees. Until then, it is considered "dormant", and not part of the circulating total supply
  3. total: The total amount of FUND currently known on the chain, including any Enterprise locked FUND. This is for informational purposes only and should not be used for any "circulating/total supply" calculations.

The amount value is the important value regarding total supply currently in active circulation, and is the information that should be used to represent any "total supply/circulation" values for example in block explorers, wallets, exchanges etc.

Consider the following und query enterprise ent-supply result:

  amount: "120010263000000000"
  denom: nund
  locked: "89737000000000"
  total: "120100000000000000"

Or, the equivalent REST query result:

  "supply": {
    "denom": "nund",
    "amount": "120010263000000000",
    "locked": "89737000000000",
    "total": "120100000000000000"

In the above example, the active circulating supply - usable for transfers and standard transactions etc. - is currently 120,010,263 FUND. 89,737 FUND is currently locked, and can only be used for paying for WRKChain/BEACON fees - it is "dormant" and cannot be used for any other purpose until it has been used to pay for WRKChain/BEACON fees, and therefore does not count towards total circulating supply. Finally, the total amount of FUND known on the chain including locked is 120,100,000 FUND, and is the equivalent of 120,010,263 + 89,737.


The REST endpoint /mainchain/enterprise/v1/supply/nund will return only the appropriate amount value, for example on TestNet, https://rest-testnet.unification.io/mainchain/enterprise/v1/supply/nund (opens new window) would just return

  "amount": {
    "denom": "nund",
    "amount": "120486721721900000"

# Converting to FUND

In much the same way that Ethereum uses wei and Cosmos uses uatom as the smallest on-chain denomination, all results for Unification Mainchain return the native on-chain coin denomination values in nund. 1,000,000,000 nund == 1 FUND. As such, simply dividing the result by 1000000000 will yield the FUND value.

See denomination for further information.

See und-query-supply for more details on command flags and parameters.