# Accounts and Wallets

The und CMD can be used to create new accounts, or import previous accounts and keys.

# Contents

# Prerequisites

Before continuing, ensure you have gone through the following docs:

  1. Installing the software

# Create a new account


When you create a new account, the CMD will output a mnemonic. KEEP THIS SAFE - if you lose it, you will not be able to recover your account!

To create a new account, run:

und keys add [account_name]

[account_name] is whatever name you would like to use as an identifier when signing transactions. For example:

und keys add my_new_wallet


stick to alphanumeric characters, hyphens, underscores and full stops.

If your OS keyring for und is not already unlocked/created, you will be prompted for a password. Once entered, the application will output your account details, including your wallet address, public key and mnemonic for recovery/future importing.

Accounts and keys are stored in your OS keyring by default.

# Import an account

The same command can be used to import a previously saved mnemonic by passing the --recover flag:

und keys add [account_name] --recover

You will be prompted to enter your mnemonic.

# List & show accounts

You can list locally stored account with the following command:

und keys list

or show the details of a particular account:

und keys show my_new_wallet

Run und keys --help for further details