# Network Upgrade: 2-grog


TestNet was successfully upgraded to 2-grog in block 5,840,430

MainNet was successfully upgraded to 2-grog in block 4,727,000


This guide is for operators already running a node. For new nodes, please see the Install und with Cosmovisor documentation.

There are two possible methods for upgrading:

  1. Automatically, using Cosmovisor (recommended)
  2. Manually

# Automatically upgrade from und v1.6.x to v1.7.x using Cosmovisor

IMPORTANT: This guide assumes the reader has implemented the required changes outlined in Using Cosmovisor with und: Quick Start and migrated their services before using this guide.

# Configuring Cosmovisor

The following can be implemented well in advance of the actual upgrade occurring, which will allow for a completely automated upgrade.

IMPORTANT During the upgrade, cosmovisor will automatically do a full backup of the .und_mainchain/data directory. Ensure your host has adequate disk space to accommodate the backup. This may add significant time to the upgrade process, and as such, the process may take up to 30 minutes before the node comes back online.

# 1. Create the Cosmovisor upgrade plan directory

This will be dependent on how you configured cosmovisor, and your actual .und_mainchain path

mkdir -p $HOME/.und_mainchain/cosmovisor/upgrades/2-grog/bin

# 2. Download the latest und v1.7.x and add to Cosmovisor's upgrades directory

mkdir -p $HOME/tmp && cd $HOME/tmp
wget https://github.com/unification-com/mainchain/releases/download/v1.7.0/und_v1.7.0_linux_x86_64.tar.gz
tar -zxvf und_v1.7.0_linux_x86_64.tar.gz
mkdir -p $HOME/.und_mainchain/cosmovisor/upgrades/2-grog/bin
mv und $HOME/.und_mainchain/cosmovisor/upgrades/2-grog/bin
$HOME/.und_mainchain/cosmovisor/upgrades/2-grog/bin/und version --log_level=""

Check the version output is 1.7.x.

The directory structure for $HOME/.und_mainchain/cosmovisor should now look as follows:

    That's it! Once the upgrade height specified in the governance proposal is reached, Cosmovisor and the upgrade module will handle the rest automatically.

    # Cosmovisor Upgrade process overview

    Briefly, at the upgrade height, Cosmovisor will automatically:

    1. Stop the und v1.6.x binary
    2. Backup .und_mainchain/data to .und_mainchain/data-backup-YYYY-M-DD*
    3. Reconfigure itself to use und v1.7.x
    4. Restart und using the new version

    *Ensure the host has enough space to back up

    The alternative to implementing Cosmovisor is to manually upgrade the binary. Once the upgrade height specified in the governance proposal is reached, the upgrade module will automatically halt the node via a panic. The node operator will then need to:

    1. Stop the und v1.6.x binary, via systemd or their chosen method
    2. Backup the und_mainchain/data directory
    3. Download and install the latest und v1.7.x, replacing the old v1.6.x binary (for example in /usr/local/bin)
    4. Restart the und binary, via systemd or their chosen method.

    Since the process involves manual intervention, monitoring and execution, the process may take longer.