# Running und as a background service

# Contents

    If you intend to run your node as a Validator on any of the public networks, then you will most likely need to permanently run und as a background service (as opposed to manually running und start and leaving a terminal window/SSH session open).

    This can easily be done using systemctl, and setting up an appropriate service configuration.

    The following is a generic *nix guide, and may need adapting for your particular distribution.

    Any text editor can be used to create the service configuration file, for example nano:

    sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/und.service

    At a minimum, the service configuration should contain the following, replacing USERNAME and FULL_PATH_TO with your own values:

    Description=Unification Mainchain Validator Node
    ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/und start --home /FULL_PATH_TO/.und_mainchain

    It is entirely possible to create a more sophisticated service definition should you desire.


    Also see: Using Cosmovisor with und: Quick Start for details on running und with cosmovisor.

    Next, inform systemctl of the new service:

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl enable und

    The service can now be started:

    sudo systemctl start und

    and stopped:

    sudo systemctl stop und

    in the background.

    Finally, you can monitor the log output for the service by running:

    $ sudo journalctl -u und --follow